By Walter Ang of Philippine Daily Inquirer 03/28/2011

REPUBLIKHA GALLERY will have an inaugural group show titled “Departure” featuring 16 artists. Gallery founder and owner Jenery Lim, who produces Benevita cocosugar and coconectar on the side, says, “I fused the words “republika” and “likha,” since the Philippines is a republic of creative people.”

Lim became interested in art in the mid 2000s. “The first painting I bought was a Marcel Antonio acrylic on paper,” he says. “Actually, I bought two of them at the same time. I haven”t looked back since.”

The more paintings he collected, the more people he met. The more people he met, the more support grew when the arts community found out he wanted to put up his own gallery. “I wanted to set up shop in Quezon City instead of the usual Pasay or Makati City,” say Lim.

He notes there is growth in the market and more galleries across the city will help add to awareness and exposure to potential Filipinos “whether just for appreciation or for investments and collections.”

Michael Muñoz, an “artist-friend” of Lim’s, designed the gallery interiors and Frederick Sausa, who recently wrapped up a group show in Hong Kong, was tasked to curate the gallery’s kick-off show.

“Departure can be pigeonholed as displacement, alienation, relocation, derivation in a geographical setting,” says Sausa. “But it can also be a metaphor. It delves into the idea of the act of leaving and searching. We invited 16 artists to do works according to their own whims and personal styles and without particular thematic approach.”

Participants are Allan Balisi, Mica Cabildo, Rolf Campos, Mariano Ching, Dex Fernandez, Dina Gadia, Eugene Jarque, Jacob Lindo, Dave Lock, Keiye Miranda, Arturo Sanchez Jr., Isidro Santos, Erik Sausa, Wire Tuazon, Mac Valdizno.

“It is the gallery”s goal to be a world-class art gallery,” says Lim. “We plan to work with the best curators and showcase the best artists the Philippines has to offer.”

“Departure” opens March 30 at Repulikha Art Gallery, Unit 102 Magnitude Building, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Quezon City. Call 5438807 or visit (Source)